Welcome to Synergy

synergy  the combined power of two or more things that together create more than each working seperately

If you are a couple who are ready to make some positive changes in your relationship, then you have come to the right place. We are a couple who love working with other couples, to help them learn simple ways and techniques for improving how they interact. Learning with each other to get the best from themselves and each other. Working towards being the couple they always wanted to be.

We have more than twenty years experience of living and working together. Both of us gaining far more than 10,000 hours experience, working in successful business’s, both seperately and together.  As a team, we can help in the way you both approach each other, spend your time together and how you function as a couple.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

That might sound a little dramatic but if we start with working on the small things, then the big things will get easier. It doesn’t matter if the breakdown is small or large but how we approach it is important.

It starts with our language and communication.

How we communicate is critical to how our relationship can flourish. Yet, when ever we talk about communication, most people assume it is about how we talk to each other. The real key to great communication is not just about how we talk but also how we listen.

How can we help you on your journey?

Help with starting out

When you are starting out and excited about the idea of a long term commitment. Learning how to work better, together can help.

Helping you to communicate

When frustration builds and talking more often than not, becomes silence. Learning new communication skills can help.

Helping married couples

With all the planning behind you, the road ahead can be a lot smoother with the right understanding and the right tools.